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    Many tasks are considered important in man’s life and a few of them are considered less important and a man always struggles to complete any incomplete task and always struggles hard to maintain his position in society. If you are living in advanced society, you will have to create your own place by making something unique and by discovering something really different. Here are 50 things you need to consider before dying so that you may not regret even before death and may enjoy your death. Let me describe such things deeply. Always avoid these regrets in your life.


    • 1.Not having more sex can become crucial in your life.
      2.Not your body and soul to fall in love.
      3.Not permitting you to learn some different language.
      4.Not travel more as you expected.
      5.Not having positive attitude in life all the time and let others do your tasks.
      6.Not eating anything else than processed foods.
      7.Not exercises enough to give body a new innovative look.
      8.Not getting some tattoos on your body for looking great.
      9.Not taking risks to become rich and successful.
      10.Taking too many risks can be dangerous.
      11.Not having enough friends.
      12.Spent too much time in your crappy relations can be dangerous.
      13.Not staying away from home in parties and other functions.
      14.Not being too busy in work all the time.
      15.Not take a risk to do something special and innovative.
      16.Not give your body enough rest when it needs.
      17.Not making excuses on your faults and mistakes.
      18.Not blaming others for misfortunes.
      19.Not bringing give up attitude in your life.
      20.Not giving enough time to those who care about you.
      21.Not telling anything to your close friends about your love.
      22.Not falling in love at any moment.
      23.Not using condom on that time when pregnancy occurred.
      24.Not putting some ring on the fingers.
      25.Not spending enough years with someone you love.
      26.Not getting time to explore your sexual life.
      27.Not having threesome with others.
      28.Not focusing on those things which are out of order.
      29.Not getting angry on things you do not like.
      30.Not feeling sorry for you throughout the life.
      31.Not taking a huge risk to turn the life over.
      32.Not following your passions always.
      33.No flossing as your teeth will not stay fit for longer.
      34.Not loving anybody intensely.
      35.Not allowing others to degrade you.
      36.Not follow herds.
      37.Not dreaming about some big thing.
      38.Not crying and laughing enough.
      39.Not quitting the jobs you do not like.
      40.Not getting time to explore nature.
      41.Not using the drugs you like.
      42.Not taking responsibility on your deeds.
      43.Not eating enough the things you like the most.
      44.Not saving enough money.
      45.Not saving bit money for rainy days.
      46.Not following social rules.
      47.Not being able to decide well and not supporting your ideas.


    All these are great things you need to avoid so that you may not repent when going to die.

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